Moving to Blogspot

It’s been awesome blogging with WordPress for the past few years that’s why it’s kinda hard to move to another platform. But yeah, you read it right. I’m currently importing all my posts (except for the yearly fandom recaps ’cause it feels like its a WordPress or thing) to a blogspot domain (

Posts will be imported as they are. I’m not pretty sure how will I retain comments and likes, though. As of now the site is still under construction. Still need to make a banner for it and organize some pages. Feel free to check it out though. I’m open for any suggestions.

I’m keeping this blog up for a while but will eventually revert all posts to draft and/or make the entire blog private to not divert traffic from my new blog address.

So yeah! WordPress (email) followers, you rock! Thanks for allowing my posts to appear on your feed (inbox) and read it a little, maybe. This might be this blog’s last post but you can always join me in my new domain and anticipate new drama, movie and anime reviews and some rambling, I guess.

This has been foryouinfullblossom, signing off.

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