Moving to Blogspot

It’s been awesome blogging with WordPress for the past few years that’s why it’s kinda hard to move to another platform. But yeah, you read it right. I’m currently importing all my posts (except for the yearly fandom recaps ’cause it feels like its a WordPress or thing) to a blogspot domain (

Posts will be imported as they are. I’m not pretty sure how will I retain comments and likes, though. As of now the site is still under construction. Still need to make a banner for it and organize some pages. Feel free to check it out though. I’m open for any suggestions.

I’m keeping this blog up for a while but will eventually revert all posts to draft and/or make the entire blog private to not divert traffic from my new blog address.

So yeah! WordPress (email) followers, you rock! Thanks for allowing my posts to appear on your feed (inbox) and read it a little, maybe. This might be this blog’s last post but you can always join me in my new domain and anticipate new drama, movie and anime reviews and some rambling, I guess.

This has been foryouinfullblossom, signing off.


About for you in full blossom

Aside from Asian dramas, I love Philosophy and Math. Through them, I discover a lot of mysteries; without them, I can't imagine what it would be like. Writing is my outlet and also one of my passion (though I'm not good at it). I write poems, feature stories and fan fictions. Whenever I'm inspired, I really want to write and even more when I'm depressed. For me, life is so beautiful. Yes, it's full of uncertainties but that's what makes it so exciting.
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2 Responses to Moving to Blogspot

  1. Update: Ok, I’ve accidentally deleted all the posts (except for the recaps) without archiving comments after knowing that Google still indexes WordPress (or maybe even other blog site) draft posts. Fortunately, most of them are still sitting on my inbox but I decided not to import them anymore on blogspot.

    Blogspot is kinda strict about managing comments. Unlike here in WP, their bloggers can’t edit comments, but come to think of it this WP feature is kinda weird, too. (I was even surprised when I discovered it during my first few weeks of blogging.) Well, basically it allows you to put words on other’s mouth, never done that though. On the other hand, maybe WP considers the fact that the blogger owned his site and he can do anything he wants with it. Well, an owner who has an access with the database can literally do anything with the site’s data.

    But hackers can’t just accept that Blogger rule. I came across this trick of editing the blog’s XML file that involves exporting and importing the blog to modify comments. But yeah, I’m to lazy to do that! Imagine, I need to dig up my inbox and look for WP comment notification emails then manually add those comments using my own account to their respective posts (I can add it directly in the XML file but that sounds so risky, and I rather not to), then export my blog, edit the author and the timestamp of the comments in the XML file, then finally import it back again. No way! Just no! Haha.

    Ignore this rambling. I just posted this comments to justify my lazy, worthy-of-the-phrase-excuses decision. Haha!

  2. By the way, the new site is up! Hooray! If you’re looking for old posts, visit!

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